Follow your ears

MP3 technology and a series of guided audio tours along the city's wealth of tourism routes are now available.

tower of david 88 (photo credit: )
tower of david 88
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It seems not only our fingers can do the walking for us, but our ears can, too. The Jerusalem Municipality's Tourism Administration and the Jerusalem Development Authority have decided to update to MP3 technology and record a series of guided audio tours along the city's wealth of tourism routes. You will no longer find yourself standing before one impressive edifice or another without being able to call upon your virtual tour-guide. Before visiting the nation's capital, anyone may download multimedia files (video, MP3, texts, maps and even games) free-of-charge from the Jerusalemp3 website - - onto their personal cell-phone, portable computer, MP3 player or navigational PDA, in effect transforming it into a personalized tour-guide that goes with you according to you own personal pace and scope of interest. Ten routes are currently available in Hebrew and English, including EIn Karem, the Mount of Olives, Nahla'ot, Nevi'im (Prophets) St. the Jewish Quarter, the Via Dolorosa, Yemin Moshe, Zion Gate to Jaffa Gate, the National Compound and Jaffa St. Each route also includes a printable map. In the coming months, additional routes will be added, including Armon Ha-Natziv promenade (Governor's Mansion), the Jerusalem Route and more, so you really should check in from time to time.