Top 5 best Rosh Hashana cakes in Jerusalem

Just before the New Year, the scent in the air at the capital's bakeries heaves of honey, apple, nut and date cakes.

Rosh Hashana cake (photo credit: Courtesy)
Rosh Hashana cake
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Marzipan Bakery
Best known for their gooey chocolate rugelach, Marzipan Bakery are offering a seriously delicious cake in the spirit of Rosh Hashana. The cake (parve) is soft, moist and perfectly sweet with a hint of nuts and dried apple on top.
Marzipan Bakery (Courtesy)Marzipan Bakery (Courtesy)
It’s made using high quality honey and this is evident in its rich and authentic taste. The cake comes attractively presented with a Shana Tovah sticker, and is available in a compact size at an affordable NIS 15 (NIS 25 for two) or NIS 24 for a regular-sized cake. Enjoy!
44 Agripas Street
(02) 623-2618
Kosher (Rav Rubin, Beit Yosef, Rabbanut)
Teller Bakery
Teller Bakery is known for their high quality breads and confectionery, and their selection of four honey cakes (dairy) are as excellent as expected. Made using pure honey and without added sugar, their cakes are simple, rich and tasty.
Teller Bakery (Courtesy)Teller Bakery (Courtesy)
One of the most special is the honey, apple and butter cake with toasted slithered almonds on top, but it really depends on what you enjoy. The other cakes on offer include pure honey (with sesame seeds sprinkled on top); honey, dates and nuts as well as honey, cranberries, raisins and nuts. Cakes cost NIS 30.
74 Agripas Street
(02) 622-3227
Kosher Mehadrin
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Natural Choice
For those who are sensitive to eggs, sugar or wheat or simply prefer a more natural alternative, Natural Choice Bakery is offering a selection of great honey, date and apple cakes. Their whole-wheat honey cake (no added sugar or eggs) is made using pure honey and is sweet and enjoyable.
Natural Choice (Courtesy)Natural Choice (Courtesy)
Or, try the spelt date cake with no added sugar or eggs for an enjoyable dessert and healthy start to the New Year. The egg-free 400 gram cakes cost NIS 26.
111 Agripas Street
(02) 622-3229
Kosher Mehadrin (Belz)
English Cake
English Cake are offering a wide selection of Rosh Hashana-inspired cakes including regular honey cakes, honey cakes with apple, apple pies and others with nuts.
English Cake (Courtesy)English Cake (Courtesy)
The honey and apple cake has both apple inside and on top and meets all the criteria you’d expect from a good honey cake: sweet, soft and fresh. Each cake costs NIS 26 (NIS 42 for two), or NIS 34 for a bigger cake.
103 Agripas Street (other branches around Jerusalem & Israel)
(02) 625-6640
Kosher Mehadrin (& Chatam Sofer)
Magdaniat Pe’er
If you’re looking for a dessert other than honey cake that incorporates a Rosh Hashana symbolic food, try the chocolate chip apple cake (parve) from Magdaniat Pe’er in the Mahane Yehuda market.
Magdaniat Pe-er (Courtesy)Magdaniat Pe-er (Courtesy)
Though the cake doesn’t feel quite as wholesome as a pure honey cake, it does score high on taste and originality. The outside is crisp and the inside is soft, moist and sweet with bits of apple and scatterings of white and dark chocolate chips. The cakes sell for NIS 20.
33 Eitz Chaim Street, Mahane Yehuda
(02) 563-2189
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