Bee-free honey attracts big-time mystery investor

Upwards of $30 million dollars in investment money is on the line in a new deal between Bee-io and an unnamed investor.

Bee-io’s cultivated honey is pure, baby-safe, and 100% bee-free

The company has announced that industrial-scale production of their product will begin by March 2022.

Honey vs. white sugar: All the differences you did not know

Which has fewer calories, which is sweeter and what percentage of sugar is in honey? What’s the best way to sweeten food? Here’s everything you want and need to know.

By Yad Mordechai

Why are bees becoming an endangered species in Israel?

Michal Herzog meets with beekeepers to find out why.

Honey theft leaps by 50% as country faces COVID-19, beekeepers stingless

Police apprehended on Monday a man who allegedly stole dozens of honeycombs. Beekeepers warn criminals changed methods, now focusing on honey rather than bees.

With Rosh Hashanah on the way, which honey should you avoid buying?

Nearly fifty brands sold in Israel were tested to examine authenticity and quality.

GLOBAL AGRICULTURAL production has taken a hit in recent years due to declining bee populations.

Hives, honeycombs stolen in Galilee region

The theft comes weeks prior Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, when honey is used by many families to celebrate the new year.

bees on honeycomb illustrative

Bees - among most vital creatures on Earth - join endangered species list

The use of uncontrolled pesticides, the continuation of deforestation and lack of cipher flowers (bee food) are the main reasons for the recent population nosedive.

Israelis to quaff honey beer and get a buzz for World Bee Day

In celebration of World Bee Day, Israelis will be able to observe the working of a beehive, drink honey beer and learn about the importance of the insect in nature.

Honey production buzzing from winter rainfall

With the numbers appearing the way they are now, there will be no shortness in sweetness this year.

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