Restaurant/bar review: Trendy, but doing it well

Ingrid: As the evening progresses, the restaurant shifts from a dining scene to a bar scene.

Ingrid bar (photo credit: courtesy)
Ingrid bar
(photo credit: courtesy)
Walking into Ingrid, patrons are immediately overcome with a sense of being transported in time and place. The huge, futuristic curved ceiling, loads of glass and mirrors and the hostess's computer-illuminated face give the feel of a major American metropolis. In short, the bar is trendy, but it does the genre well. Ingrid's menu is extensive, catering to a multitude of tastes; it might be one of the few places in Tel Aviv where you can order chicken marsala. First courses range from mussels marinara to artichoke hearts with spinach and asparagus in a lemon and champagne vinegar sauce. My companion and I tried the grilled shrimps in teriyaki served on tomato carpaccio, and avocado along with the root vegetable salad with lightly grilled red tuna, both of which were very enjoyable. The bartender was all smiles when it came to talking alcohol, and more than willing to share a political conversation over the Ingrid cocktail, made with homemade ginger ale and Tabasco sauce. Both the drink and the conversation were a bit much to swallow. No worries; there is always a decent beer and wine selection, the latter emphasizing the local industry. Continuing on to the main course, we ordered the seafood risotto, which was rich and decadent, topped with a surprisingly fresh mix of calamari, shrimps and mussels. We also shared the butcher's cut, grilled and served with garlic marmalade - a dish that doesn't appear on the English menu, so be sure to ask about discrepancies. The selection of main courses features a variety of grilled fish fillets, seafood and chicken dishes. Of late, Ingrid has been emphasizing red meat from the Golan, including such classic cuts as New York strip steak, T-bone and porterhouse. During our visit we sat at the bar, next to a couple who were finishing their meal with the oversized chocolate souffl , which serves two. When the time came, we chose Ingrid's tiramisu, served with blackberries. The evening's music was a standard play list; if upscale trendy bars have their own version of elevator music, this was it. Luckily, the music faded into the background. As the evening progressed, however, the restaurant made a decided shift from a dining scene to a bar scene, with a DJ station waiting for the nighttime hours. Pricing ranges from the affordable to the "How much did you say that was again?" First courses range from NIS 30-50, and main courses from NIS 40-90. The Golan-raised steaks, however, will set you back a bit more; be ready to spend NIS 115-195 to satisfy the carnivore in you. Ingrid, Rehov Hamasger 9, Yad Harutzim industrial zone, Tel Aviv. Opens each day at noon and stays open until the last customer leaves. Reservations are recommended: (03) 688-0222.