Urban food and fashion fair

Food and fashion design combine in this festival.

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hotel nordau
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Spring's Nahalat Binyamin Festival, running through May 18, combines the ever popular duo of food and drink with the oh-so-sassy field of fashion design. Seven restaurants and bars located along pedestrian-friendly Nahalat Binyamin Street have teamed up to promote the nightlife and daytime culture that has developed there over the past five years. As part of the festival, the restaurants - Fabiana Pasta, Dinitz, Tahel, Pastoreos, Betty Ford, Brown and L'Entrecote - will offer a selection of gourmet dishes off the menue for NIS 20 per serving. The 21 entrees and seven desserts include sweet potato gnocchi in a spinach and walnut cream sauce, calamari filled with goat cheese, arugula and dried tomato, crab meat-filled cigarillos in curry cream and other treats. Alcoholic drinks and fashion tie the different parts of the festival together. Each festival-goers' first drink will be served in a specially marked glass that can be taken to any of the participating restaurants on any night of the festival and refilled with the customer's beverage of choice at a discounted price. The special prices include NIS 10 Goldstar refills on a NIS 15 first glass, and NIS 20 Bacardi cocktail refills on a NIS 25 first glass. During the day, historic Nahalat Binyamin Street serves as part of Tel Aviv's textile district. During the festival, the work of independent designers like D&A, Liat Ezer, Irit Noy and Orli Golan will be available each evening between 6 p.m. and midnight for purchase at 40 Nahalat Binyamin. On the final night of the festival, dubbed Vintage Night, festival-goers will be encouraged to dress according to the theme. For those lacking vintage clothing in their own closets, second-hand clothing will be sold at various locations along the street, with a matching soundtrack playing to liven the mood. For more information, visit www.2eat.co.il/nahala4.