Millions to join in prayer for 'peace in J'lem'

Local and international Christian leaders convene in Jerusalem for a pray that will be joined by millions of Christians world-wide.

Christians in Jerusalem Old City 311 (photo credit: Travelujah)
Christians in Jerusalem Old City 311
(photo credit: Travelujah)
Local and international Christian leaders convened in Jerusalem on Sunday for the Global Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, an annual gathering since 2002 dedicated to supplication for the city.
The Jerusalem gathering will be joined by millions of Christians from some 300,000 churches in 175 nations around the world that are registered to participate. Many underground churches in nations such as China, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates are also taking part and a pastor from a church in Indonesia, the largest Muslim country in the world, will be praying in Jerusalem.
Many more millions of Christians will be watching the broadcast, which will be televised live on God TV. Robert Stearns, the co-founder of the Day of Prayer and leader of Eagles' Wings ministries led the event in Jerusalem which included exhortation from Jews and Christians alike.
“We believe that to pray for the peace of Jerusalem also means being willing to be the answer to those prayers,” Joel James told Travelujah. “So by hosting a local event in the city where God put his name demonstrates, to the Jewish people first and to the world, that Christians are praying for Israel and the Jewish people. Our physical presence is a tangible demonstration of our heart for prayer and our obedience to God's word.”
James is the coordinator of the event and the director of external affairs for Eagles' Wings. He maintained that Christian support of Israel is critical at the time.
“With the Erdogan government in Turkey saber ratting and the international community getting wishy-washy regarding the Palestinian attempt to receive statehood through the United Nations, the Israeli people are very encouraged that millions of people around the world praying for them,” James said.
Some Christian Arabs are also taking part in the event, James added, including Maher Canawati, a Christian from Bethlehem who will lead one of several prayers on Sunday. For the first time, a Catholic priest will join a mostly evangelical line up of Christian leaders in prayer for Jerusalem.
“The clear message is that any person who believes the Bible must respond to the admonition in Psalm 122, Psalm 137, and in Isaiah 62 where it tells us first we need to pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” James said. “The hour is urgent. We are living in a time when what happens to Jerusalem has an impact and makes a difference to us. It will impact our lives on one level or another.”
The event will take place at the Haas Promenade at 4 p.m.
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