The ambassador on wheels

They call me 'Jinji', but I was born Roei Sadan. I am exotic. Not only because of my hair color, but because of my life mission: I am on a four year bicycle journey around the world.

Jinji 311 a (photo credit: Jinji )
Jinji 311 a
(photo credit: Jinji )

They call me 'Jinji', but I was born Roei Sadan. I am 28, and I amexotic. Not only because of my hair color, but because of my lifemission. I am currently on a four year bicycle journey around theworld. I have completed three years, and am currently in the greatcountry of China - starting off in the west.

I have biked from Alaska to the tip of Patagonia (America), fromCape to north Ethiopia (Africa), from Spain to Istanbul (Europe)and now I am on the last leg of my trip - starting with west China(Asia). I plan on biking to Beijing, then to south east Asia. I willtravel to Australia and end up in Sidney. From there I will fly toJordan and finally complete my travels at the kotel (wailing wall).Hopefully you can find me there come May, 2011 (depending on thetraffic).

I have cycled for over three years and have trekked over 50000kilometers. I have been on five continents, and 36 countries. All thison one bike - and with one emuna (which means faith in Hebrew, but it is also the name of my bike).

WhileI cycle across continents I am not alone. I visit Israeli embassiesaround the globe, I give lectures at schools and I tell the world aboutIsrael - and how it is more than what the media will have them believe.Some call me the "ambassador on wheels."

I have my family and friends back home. I did not plan this trip to run away from something, rather I am running (or biking) tosomething! This has always been a dream of mine, and I am chasing afterit. Each day I push my limits, and I hope that you can be inspired topush yours as well.


This isn't a competition. There are no prizes. There is no glory - only the glory of man fulfilling his destiny.

This blog will not be your average blog - I will not tell youwhere to go, what to see or what to do. This blog is for me to share mydream of traveling the world with you, and if I am lucky, I will be able to inspire you to follow your own dreams.

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