Protester removed from Ohio rally 'probably' had ties to ISIS, claims Trump

Chaos around the GOP front-runner's campaign continues after violent scenes in Chicago on Friday.

Trump claims protester removed from Ohio rally probably had ties to ISIS
US Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump on Saturday claimed a man who was removed by Secret Service agents at a rally in Ohio after he charged the stage "probably" had ties to Islamic State.
Speaking at a campaign event in Kansas City, Missouri, Trump said, "This was a guy that was looking to do harm. So the judge let him go. And then one of my people said wow. They found his name and it was probably ISIS or ISIS related."
The incident happened Saturday morning as the New York billionaire spoke at a rally at Dayton International Airport.
Trump briefly ducked at the podium and four Secret Service agents scrambled to surround him after the man charged the stage.
Agents then grabbed the man, dressed in a black tee shirt and jeans, and hauled him away.
"This guy should be in jail right now. He shouldn't be out. This guy should be in jail. He should be in jail. And for a judge to let him go is incredible, but he should be in jail. Yeah, law and order, it's called law and order," said Trump.
The protester's motivation was not immediately clear, and Trump went on to finish his speech, but the incident further increased tension after Trump's Chicago rally was abandoned amid chaotic scenes on Friday