Anglo candidates struggle in Likud elections

5 members of group running for Likud central committee seats, 2 members running for Jerusalem branch council.

Daniel Tauber 390 (photo credit: Ben Spier)
Daniel Tauber 390
(photo credit: Ben Spier)
On a cold and rainy Monday night in Jerusalem, seven young politicians are circling the city's heavily Anglo populated neighborhoods. They hope to bring out voters for the following day's Likud elections.
Four Anglo immigrants and one Olah from Argentina are running for seats in Likud's Central Committee, two of which are looking to be elected for seats in the party's Jerusalem branch council.
Likud Anglos Executive Director Daniel Tauber is the driving force behind the campaign which also represents Yehudit Zvaig, Linda Brunell, Ariel Solomon, and Sara Rivai.
Tauber and his colleagues have received a lot of attention from fellow right wing immigrants over the past few years, due to popular events they organized featuring ministers and MKs speaking to Likud's Anglo members in English.
Tauber says that he hopes to be elected to both the Central Committee and the Jerusalem Branch Council so as to improve the party's treatment of its members and restart activities at the local Likud center.