CITYSights: Jerusalem as never seen before

New groundbreaking column revealing the Holy City in high-definition video.

lights in old city 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
lights in old city 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Jerusalem Post and iTravelJerusalem are proud to announce "City Sights," a groundbreaking weekly column that will reveal Jerusalem as you’ve never seen it - in high-definition video.
Citysights, episode 1: King David's palace discovered?
iTravelJerusalem’s team of senior tour guides and writers will give you sneak peeks into hard-to-get-to places that are generally unknown to the average tourist, as well as surprising stories behind some of the city’s better-known sites that often elude even native Jerusalemites.
"City Sights" will be an invaluable tool for tourists contemplating a trip to the Holy Land and a great source of information to those Israelis who want to learn more about the places that have come to define this great city.