Israel Air Force officer realizes her childhood dream

Merav Buchris made history as IAF's first female munitions officer; says she has wanted a military career since she was a little girl.

Merav Buchres (photo credit: benjamin spier)
Merav Buchres
(photo credit: benjamin spier)

For Lieutenant Merav Buchris, military service flows in her blood. Her father and his six brothers all served as officers in the IDF, and Buchris always wanted to be like them.

Buchris created history herself last month when she was appointed the Israel Air Force’s first female munitions officer. In her new position, she serves as the head of a squadron that services jets' munitions needs.

Buchris’s military career started at age 13, when she enlisted into a high school that specialized in air force related topics like electrical engineering and required students to dress in military uniforms. After enlisting into the air force at age 19, Buchris quickly advanced at an impressive rate to become a technical officer by age 20.

Buchris expects to serve as a munitions officer for two to three years, then she plans to study in university before continuing her military career.

Merav says that she hopes to inspire those around her to believe that every achievement is possible, including becoming the first female commander of the Israel Air Force.