JPOST Classic: Begin discusses peace with Egypt

In clip from 1978, PM Menachem Begin recalls deliberations preceding Camp David Accords with Egypt.

This week's installment of "JPOST Classic,” coinciding with the 19th anniversary of the passing of Menachem Begin, sixth Prime Minister of Israel, features an excerpt from a speech Begin delivered on September 20, 1978.
Just three days after he signed the historic Camp David Accords with Egypt –Begin delivered an address before an audience of about 2,000 American Jewish leaders and guests at the  Americana Hotel in New York City.
In this emotional and spirited speech, Begin describes 12 days of difficult behind-the-scenes negotiations at Camp David that finally produced the accord.
During his speech, Begin describes the threat Israel took in giving back all of Sinai, and of removing all military posts. He explained that the Commander-in-Chief of the Egyptian Army told him that it would take seven hours to move his army to the international boundary established between the two countries.
The president responds that Egyptians wouldn't attempt such a move. "It won't happen," he said. "If they try, 'ich bin zey nit m'kaneyh' (I don't envy them)."