Livni rejects notion that peace is unattainable

Opposition leader addresses Presidential Conference; warns against Haredi political parties monopolizing definition of Jewish State.

tzipi livni_311 (photo credit: Idan Gross )
tzipi livni_311
(photo credit: Idan Gross )
Opposition leader Tzipi Livni on Wednesday rejected the notion that Israel had no partner for negotiations and no chance to attain a peace agreement. Livni mzde the comments during an address to the Presidential Conference in Jerusalem.
"Every citizen of Israel has the right to live here in peace," Livni said.
Livni stated that those who maintain there is no hope for peace want the public to believe that nothing can be done about the current diplomatic stalemate. She stated that she was not ready to give up and that she knows what it takes to achieve security for Israel.
"Israel is losing its legitimacy, we must act today for our security," she said.
Livni also addressed Interior Minister Eli Yishai's plan to change identity cards so that they once again state the holder’s religion and thus prevent non-Orthodox converts from being defined on their IDs as Jews.
"We don't need to give a monopoly on the definition of a Jewish state to the Haredi parties," Livni said.