Miner reunion in Chile

A year after an accident trapped 33 Chilean miners, workers reunite at mass to commemorate their darkest day, and pay tribute to those who rescued them.

chile miners 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
chile miners 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)

It was a crisis watched by the world....

Now a Reunion in Chile.

A year after a mine collapsed and trapped 33 Chilean workers underground, the men reunite to remember their ordeal and give thanks.

Miner Osman Araya said, "I'm happy and content because although it's a day to remember the accident, it's also an opportunity to embrace the people who supported us nationally and globally."

The miners were trapped 2,000 feet below ground for 69 days.

Minister of Public Works Laurence Golborne, played a pivotal role in their rescue

Minister of Public Works Laurence Golborne said, "It's very emotional to return to Copiapo after one year and to meet with a lot of people with whom we were working for so long and with so much effort for this rescue that made all of Chile feel proud," said Golbourne, now Chile's Minister of Public Works.

The men were joined by President Sebastian Pinera.

Many of the miners are still suffering from psychological problems, insomnia and nightmares

But on Friday, gratitude was the overwhelming emotion.

The men and their families hope the government will announce a special lifetime pension for each of them that could amount to $430 dollars a month.

The miners have taken public flack after suing the state for negligence for allowing the notoriously dangers mine - which had faced years of sanctions and warnings - to remain in operation.

They are seeking $542,000 dollars each in damages.

They are also suing the local private mining company.