More Syrian refugees pour into Turkey

More than 1500 Syrian refugees flee to Turkey, still protesting against President Bashar Assad and his military crackdown.

syrian refugees in Turkey_311 reuters (photo credit: REUTERS)
syrian refugees in Turkey_311 reuters
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A moment of contemplation came for Syrian refugees during Friday prayers in their new home - a Turkish refugee camp.
As Syrian president Bashar Assad steps up his military crackdown at the border, another 1500 refugees have fled to Turkey since Thursday, bringing the total number to nearly 12,000.
Refugees in Reyhanli Camp held a protest against Assad after prayers and chanted "God is Great'.
Meanwhile more tents were being set up in Turkey's refugee camps to cope with the influx while the Turkish Red Crescent delivers more blankets.
Turkey has become increasingly critical of Assad after previously backing him in his drive to seek peace with Israel and improve relations with the US.
Syrian rights groups say more than 1300 civilians have been killed across Syria since the unrest began in mid-March.
Syrian authorities, meanwhile, blame Islamist groups and armed gangs for killing more than 200 police and security personnel.
Accounts are difficult to verify as the country has expelled most journalists from the country.