New monkey born at Ramat Gan safari

First Capuchin baby at the park in nine years.

capuchin (photo credit: benjamin spier)
(photo credit: benjamin spier)

A baby weeper capuchin monkey was born last week in the Safari Park of Ramat Gan for the first time in nine years. The baby, whose sex has yet to be determined, was named Kesem, meaning magic.

Including Kesesm, there are now seven Capuchin monkeys living at the safari park. The monkeys originate from the rain forests of Venezuela and Brazil. There are only about 40 Capuchin monkeys held in captivity worldwide, making this new birth a special event.

The Weepers most likely got their name because of their long light hair that gives them a weeping look. The capuchins were first brought to Israel as pets; and they were famous in the early 20th century for assisting street performers.