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Police arrest three young men suspected of stealing expensive monkey

Police opened an investigation earlier this week after receiving a disappearance report for a expensive monkey, apparently worth thousands of shekels, from a zoo in Kiryat Motzkin.

Monkeys develop short-term immunity to coronavirus, Chinese study finds

The experiment took place at the Peking Union Medical College in Beijing and used rhesus macaques as test subjects, as they are relatively similar to humans.


Successful trial in monkeys vaccinated for coronavirus - Chinese report

The vaccinated monkeys did not develop any coronavirus symptoms, while the unvaccinated monkeys did develop symptoms, with some dying.


'Covid,' 'Quarantine' suggested names for newborn animals in Colombian zoo

The potential names are also being considered for a white-tailed deer born just over a fortnight ago.

A trained monkey salutes as it performs on a sidew

Coronavirus sparks 'monkey gang war' in the streets of Thailand

The two gangs usually never interact, but circumstances have brought them into contact and conflict.

A trained monkey salutes as it performs on a sidew

Indian village raided by troop of 400 monkeys, residents flee in terror

This is not the first noted instance of a potential interspecies war between humans and animals, with the most famous instance being the Emu War fought between Australians and emu birds.

Color-coded. The males are black and the females a

Baby monkeys poisoned at U.S. primate research center

All infant monkeys were found to have dye on their fur, skin or around the mouth, which caused a fatal allergic reaction.

Monkeys eat matzah on Passover

Monkeys eating matzah - watch

According to, pets cannot eat chametz on Passover.

Seven monkeys, four baboons rescued from harsh captivity in Sharon area

Following complaints, inspectors of the Ministry of Agriculture arrived at the Sharon neighborhood, and after a review realized the animals had to be evacuated from their current conditions.

A car with the Volkswagen VW logo badge is seen on display at the North American International Auto

VW seeks to delay US monkey testing trial due to Hitler reference

VW's lawyers argued those comments would prevent a fair trial.

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