WATCH: Monkey attacks Miss Peru after she poses for a photograph

It's not the first time something like this happened: A model posed next to a macaque monkey, but it got a bit too fascinated by her strapless dress.

By Walla!

This antibody may protect against COVID-19 and all its variants - study

The antibody in question was easily induced in rhesus macaque monkeys and provided broad protection against not just COVID-19 and variants but other SARS viruses.


Chimpanzees use vocal communication to make hunting easier - study

The study highlights the importance of vocal communication in evolutionary development, its link to group-level cooperation and that it may not be exclusive to just humans.


WHO working on more monkeypox guidance as cases rise

The outbreak in 11 countries where it is not endemic is highly unusual, according to scientists. More than 100 confirmed or suspected cases have been reported, most of them in Europe.


Doctors detect first case of monkeypox in Israel

The Health Ministry announced Friday night that it would investigate the monkeypox case.

By Walla!

Cotton-Top Tamarin monkey twins born in Dubai conservatory

The Green Planet is Dubai's only in-door rainforest and works to conserve Cotton-top Tamarins.

Is climate change forcing herbivorous species to turn on each other?

Chimpanzee gang seen attacking, eating gorilla infants for first time ever

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo welcomes birth of rare Javan langur monkey

Javan langur numbers have been declining due to deforestation and exotic animal hunting and trafficking.

Nazi Swastika

Nazi monkey, goats main attraction at Russian state-run circus

The act was commissioned by the Russian Orthodox Church, who cited a 2020 amendment exempting them from the 2014 blanket ban on Nazi imagery.


Crowdsourcing NGO purchases 700 acres in Brazil, Kenya for conservation

This year, for the first time, TiME will acquire two plots of land in a single year: 500 acres in Brazil's Atlantic forest and 200 acres in the Dakatcha woodland in Kenya.

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