'One state, two provinces'

Video: Palestinian lawyer Kamal Nawash presents his plan for peace to 'Jerusalem Post' editors and reporters.

Kamal Nawash (photo credit: Benjamin Spier)
Kamal Nawash
(photo credit: Benjamin Spier)
Only one state will exist on the lands that currently make up Israel, the West Bank and Gaza; but that state will be divided into two provinces, one province will be called Israel, and the other Palestine.
That is the idea that the president of the Free Muslims Coalition, Kamal Nawash, presented to the editors and reporters of The Jerusalem Post at a special meeting last week. Nawash’s idea was taken from a pro-peace conference held by the Free Muslim Coalition in Jerusalem at the end of November.
At the conference, grass roots activists presented 22 ideas for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, and the one state, two province solution received 48% approval by those in attendance.
Nawash is a Palestinian who was born in Bethlehem, but moved to the United States at age eight. He currently works as a lawyer in Washington DC, where he lives with his wife and kids.
Nawash said that under their one state plan, there would be limited immigration from one province to another, thereby protecting demographic majorities and providing an answer to the claims of Palestinian refugees.
The Free Muslims Coalition as well as other organizers of the recent conference are currently working on a plan to present their one state solution to governments from both sides of the conflict, as well as Israeli and Palestinian citizens.