Protesters vow to stay until Saleh leaves

Demonstrators in Yemen say that they will stay on the streets until President Saleh steps down.

Yemen protests 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
Yemen protests 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)
They will stay until he goes.
Demonstrators in Yemen chant "We are not tired" as they vow to stay on the streets until President Ali Abdullah Saleh leaves office.
This as Saleh continues to recover in Saudi Arabia after an attack on his palace earlier this month.
Yemen's Vice President told CNN that Saleh had a piece of wood between his ribs in his chest and burns to his face, arms and upper body. He said doctors say no one can tell when Saleh might return.
In Yemen a U.N. human rights team is on the ground investigating the situation.
"Even though the arrival of the United Nations mission was late, it will help us to show [President] Ali Abdullah Saleh's crimes, his slaughter and killings of his people. This mission should have arrived days before these crimes were committed. Now as the situation calms down, we just hoped that they'd be here earlier." said a protester.
Months of protests, combined with an emboldened Islamist insurgency, has pushed Yemen to the brink of civil war.
The United States and Saudi Arabia, fear that the chaos in Yemen may pave the way for a resurgent al Qaeda to carry out attacks against their interests in the region and beyond.