Thousands march around the world to legalize weed

Smokers took to the streets in Mexico and Argentina to support the decriminalization of marijuana.

mexico city weed rally_311 reuters (photo credit: REUTERS)
mexico city weed rally_311 reuters
(photo credit: REUTERS)
There were jokers, there were smokers, there were midnight tokers.
The 13th annual Global Marijuana March drew hundreds to the streets of Mexico City.
Citizens openly smoked joints and bongs to hit home their message about legalizing marijuana.
"We are lobbying for the decriminalization of marijuana as a way to reach peace. Currently, the number of dead in Mexico is 40,000, and it is due in big part to drug trafficking," environmentalist Arnold Ricalde said.
In Argentina, a similar show of force was held, albeit a chilled one, for the decriminalization of weed.
Congressman Claudio Lozano supports such measures.
"Democracy has to do with a society in which each individual solves or decides their own story. In this sense, if there is use (of marijuana), the use can have a recreational or addictive nature. Either one of them doesn't deserve punishment," he said.
Organizers of the Global Marijuana march say events took place in 250 cities in 40 countries world wide.