A Purim message from the White House - Trump Purim parody

In the movie, Trump recounts the Purim story.

Trump Purim parody (photo credit: screenshot)
Trump Purim parody
(photo credit: screenshot)
J-TV: The Global Jewish Channel published a new Purim parody starring US President Donald Trump. 
In the movie, Trump recounts the Purim story:
“King Ahasuerus was the mighty king of Persia - horrible place,” says the fake Trump. “He decided to throw a huge party. Not as big as the ones I do at Mar-a-Lago, but pretty close."
“He asked his wife, Vashti, to come down to show her off. She was very pretty - obviously not as pretty as Melania, but pretty close,” he continues. “She refused. And so, the king beheaded her… Like ISIS - horrible. Not the most stable guy, probably a Democrat.”
The Trump impersonator then tells how the king throws a beauty pageant that Esther attends and how she happens to be Jewish but fails to tell the king. Esther is crowned queen.
Then, Esther’s cousin, Mordechai, learns about a plot to kill the king and reports it.
“And by the way, it was very accurate reporting,” says the fake Trump, “unlike the fake news, like CNN, which is the Corrupt News Network - horrible, terrible.”
Trump explains that the plot was worked up by “horrible Haman.”
But the king does not know. And when Haman becomes angry at Mordechai for refusing to bow to him, he tells the king that he wants to kill all the Jews. Ahasuerus agrees.
“He was totally clueless, he was like [President Barack] Obama,” says the Trump impersonator.
Mordechai appeals to Esther and Esther approaches the king and invites them to two royal banquets. Eventually, she tells the king she is Jewish and she tells him about Haman’s plan to destroy her people.
Haman is sentenced to be hung in the gallows.
“Finally, like Trump, the king makes a fantastic decision. The Jews defended themselves throughout Persia. The Jews, like Trump, are winners,” he says. “They won.”
Watch the parody: