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Hipster Hitler
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A reader interested in Holocaust-related articles

Dear D”ash,

My name is Adrian and I have been reading your magazine for a number of months now. I particularly enjoyed the two part article about the Hipster Hitler T-shirts and comics. I think it’s important to look at issues such as these and to analyze them with fresh eyes in 2012 in a world over half a century removed from the Holocaust. I’m really interested to know what other readers thought about this piece and also what Israelis think about it and Holocaust-related items in general?
Adrian, Melbourne

Hi Adrian,
Welcome to the D”ash family! We’re glad you enjoyed the article. It was certainly an undertaking writing it! We agree that sensitive topics such as these do need to be looked at again with fresh, modern eyes. If you liked that piece, we suggest looking back at our April issue from this year to get another perspective on some modern Israeli viewpoints about the subject. That piece looks at what the legacy of the Holocaust means to young people who have grandparents that survived the Holocaust.

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