Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be starting his second term not only with a new cabinet, but also with a new cabinet secretary, as long-time confidant Zvi Hauser tendered his resignation on Thursday.

Hauser, who first began working with Netanyahu some 20 years ago as his media advisor, served as cabinet secretary through the duration of Netanyahu’s second term.

Netanyahu thanked Hauser for his years of service, saying he served the cabinet in a professional manner during four “challenging and gripping” years.

Hauser thanked Netanyahu for his trust, and said he would be willing to assist him if called upon to do so in the future. He intends to stay in his position until the new government is formed.

Except for one incident, Netanyahu publicly enjoyed a harmonious working relationship with Hauser. The exception was the Natan Eshel affair, when the former cabinet secretary – along with two other top aides – was publicly upbraided by the prime minister for bypassing him and presenting a complaint against Eshel – for improper behavior – by a female worker, directly to the attorney-general.