Iran “is the single most important issue facing Israel,”Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer said on Monday during a speech to the Israeli American Council in Beverly Hills.

Dermer was the keynote speaker at the IAC ’s sixth annual gala in Beverly Hills, where he commented on Iran five days after the IDF captured a shipment of 40 medium-range rockets en route from the Islamic Republic to the Gaza Strip.

“We need to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapons capability – not just nuclear weapons – and I can assure you that the prime minister of Israel is not going to allow Iran’s regime to develop nuclear weapons,” said Dermer.

Dermer, a longtime adviser to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, commented on the ongoing peace talks between Israel and Palestinian Authority, saying that the Palestinian government must recognize Israel as a Jewish state if peace is to be achieved.

“The people of Israel don’t want a piece of paper, they want a real peace, a genuine peace, a peace that’s based on mutual recognition,” the ambassador said. “Palestinians ask the Israeli government, the Israeli people, to recognize a Palestinian state.

Well, the Palestinians are going to have to recognize the Jewish State of Israel.”

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