Insult to injury

Although most Westerners know the PA systematically incites hatred against Israel, they still deny the real roadblocks to peace and stick to their mantra - peace at any price.

Illustration in Palestinian textbook
Photo by: IMPACT-SE
Talk and turning up pressure on Israel have obviously replaced rational movement toward peace in the Middle East. The prevailing powers seem to prefer to reward Palestinian intransigence by imposing an agreement on Israel that is, in actuality, capitulation.

At the apparent insistence of the United States that Israel make yet another goodwill gesture preceding the secretary of state's January visit, Israel released a group of Palestinian terrorists from Israeli prisons. Among them were two men convicted in 1992 of firebombing a bus and killing a woman who was nine months pregnant, along with her three preschool-aged children. An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldier died trying to save them. Palestinians gave the murderers a heroes' welcome home. Enough said.

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