A ghost of a story

When I Die makes for an engrossing experience.

June 1, 2017 20:45
Israel Festival

A ghost story with music: ‘When I Die.’. (photo credit: KARIN HOFER)

There may be all kinds of research papers by psychologists and their ilk about the dangers of over-stimulation, and how our attention spans are getting ever shorter as we are continually exposed to information overload. But Thom Luz clearly wants us to keep our eyes and ears open simultaneously, in various directions.

That is one of the principal themes that runs through the 30-something Swiss theater director’s play, When I Die, which is in the lineup of this year’s Israel Festival. It will be performed at the Jerusalem Theatre on June 5 and 6 (both 10 p.m.). The production goes by the subtitle of A Ghost Story with Music, which really gives the plot away.


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