• Child holocaust survivor Rena Quint, who is a much-in- demand guide at Yad Vashem, often impresses people in groups so much that they invite her to come and tell her story to other groups in other countries, or ask to meet her again in Jerusalem. In the latter case, she frequently invites them to her home.

Within the last month, she had a group of German journalism students who told her that the study of Holocaust history was compulsory in German schools, and that all German youth were made to feel if not guilty for the sins of their grandparents, at least a sense of responsibility – to ensure nothing like the Holocaust ever happens again. More recently, this past Shabbat in fact, she hosted a 22-member Chinese trade mission, one of whose members had previously been at Yad Vashem with another group, and had been so moved by her story of being the sole survivor of her immediate family and having been cared for in the ghettos and camps by a series of surrogate mothers, that he recommended the trade mission leader get in touch with her to ask if it would be possible to meet her.


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