In Jerusalem

Looking tough in Cairo

“Bitch face” is turning me into a bitch.

When things get tough in other parts of the world, they have bread riots; in Egypt, we are having felafel riots.

Not literally, of course. There are many things conspicuously missing from Cairo at present – most notably a reliable police force and a functioning constitution – but there does still appear to be enough food to go around. I never would have guessed that, though, when I walked to the neighborhood felafel stand around noon yesterday and saw more than two dozen men clamoring past each other, waving scraps of paper in the face of the (incredibly stressed) old man who was working the counter. He was working frantically, his movements like those machines in the cartoons – dials spinning madly and parts shaking until they inevitably explode. Protestations broke out from the crowd every time he took a new slip, and as he yelled back, I could hear the strain in his voice from having lived too many years in this city.

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