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Love thy neighbor

Singer-songwriter Yoni Rechter is slated to play at a much needed fund-raiser for the holistic cancer care center in the German Colony.

Photo by: Courtesy
While alternative medical practices are becoming more prevalent, and even increasingly recognized by the powers-that-be, it appears practitioners and facilities that offer such services still have some way to go to achieving the requisite financial comfort zone. The Yuri Shtern Holistic Care Center for Cancer Patients in the German Colony will attempt to boost its own financial health next Saturday evening, when it holds a fund-raiser concert starring veteran singer-songwriter Yoni Rechter.

Having Rechter on board is quite a feather in the center’s collective cap, and executive director Roni Gilboa is delighted to have the celebrated entertainer’s support. “We got to Yoni through one of our practitioners,” she says. “Yoni was enthusiastic about helping us and we are very grateful he agreed to contribute to the show.” point out that the center is not quite teetering on the precipice of bankruptcy, she says the situation could be a lot better. “We rely almost entirely on donations.

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