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Spicing up the season
July 17, 2014 10:35
Conceived 5 years ago to draw attention to the city’s softer side, the Jerusalem Season of Culture expects to enjoy similar success this summer.

Chefs Assaf Granit and Kamal Hashelmon.. (photo credit:DAN PERETZ)

The staff of the Jerusalem Season of Culture must have had a sense of deja vu with the renewal of hostilities in the region. When it was launched five years ago, the JSC was an innovative initiative of philanthropist Lynn Schusterman, who wanted to present a different image of Jerusalem than a city that received massive media coverage for its suicide bombers and tension in the streets. The idea was to put on such impressive artistic and cultural events that they would make their way to the news outlets and TV screens in the Western world, providing the simple but powerful message that there was more to Jerusalem than blown-up buses and restaurants.

The result was a marvelous mixture of genres, ranging from extravaganzas such as a performance by internationally acclaimed soprano Renee Fleming at the Sultan’s Pool to events such as last year’s concert series Ascension to the City Through the Mountains.


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