Catching a rising star

“We thought next of having a desk chair, something with wheels. But then I thought that would be kind of lame."

November 29, 2017 17:50
Doing it on his terms: Itamar Haluts.

Doing it on his terms: Itamar Haluts. (photo credit: GAYA SA’ADON)

You have probably never heard of Itamar Haluts, but will very likely be hearing a lot about him in the not too distant future. Although very much a “blue-and-white” Israeli, Haluts recently released his first album, in English, featuring hard-driving rock ’n’ roll songs written during a one-year post-army sojourn in New Zealand, working in orchards, picking apples.

Haluts played most of the instruments, recorded the tunes in his father’s Rosh Ha’ayin studio. He also did all the mixing and over-recording, mastered the album online in conjunction with Abbey Road Studio, has made two music videos from the album so far, and is planning on touring Israel with a band during the next few months.


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