Colonial architecture

December 13, 2012 14:14

The trendy German Colony neighborhood has come a long way from its agricultural roots.

The trendy German Colony neighborhood.

German Colony 521. (photo credit:Courtesy)

One of the more upscale neighborhoods in the capital is the German Colony. This name does not derive from the many German Jews who immigrated to Israel in the wake of Hitler’s 1933 rise to power, but from an event that took place some 100 years earlier: the founding of the German Temple Society, a religious Lutheran missionary group that believed settling the Holy Land would hasten the Second Coming.

The society established colonies in Palestine, which was then a part of the Turkish Empire. By 1908, it had established its last colony, Waldheim, in the vicinity of Nazareth, making six colonies in all. The others were in Haifa, Sarona in Tel Aviv, Wilhelma near Jaffa, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.


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