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Peggy Cidor’s round-up of city affairs: Accessible elections Election day is almost here.

A Tel Aviv man votes with his dog
Photo by: Nir Elias/Reuters
Accessible elections
Election day is almost here. In four days, on October 22, the question of who is in and who is out will be answered. Everyone involved is now focused on one major issue: How to get as many residents as possible to vote. Transportation, accompaniment (especially for seniors) and phone calls all require the efforts of candidates, activists and volunteers.

One of the major issues every election day is the need for accessible voting stations for the disabled. The municipality has issued a list of these stations and their addresses. By law, a disabled person whose designated station has not been made accessible has the right to vote in any of the accessible stations throughout the city. The only thing every resident has to ensure – whether disabled or not – is that his or her name appears on the list of approved voters.

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