Divine disputation

May 4, 2017 12:29

The Disputation of Barcelona comes alive on stage in 'Diving Right.'

Disputation of Barcelona

Exploring 1263’s Disputation of Barcelona: (from left) Howard Metz, Bernard Valier, Shmuel Goldstein, Scott Kuperberg and Aharon Naiman. (photo credit: CHANA GOLDSTEIN)

Nahmanides (Rabbi Moshe ben Nahman), more commonly known as the Ramban, was many things in his lifetime: esteemed rabbi and scholar, author of halachic writings, Torah commentary and commentaries on other classic Jewish works, physician and central figure of medieval Spanish Jewry. Now, with the debut of Divine Right, the Ramban will also be a figure on stage.

Divine Right explores one of the most compelling and important legal cases in Jewish history, the Disputation of Barcelona in 1263. The disputation was a formally ordered debate between Dominican friar and Christian convert Pablo Christiani and the Ramban, held at the palace of King James I of Aragon and officiated by the king.


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