Don’t trash our Jerusalem

"I feel immeasurably fortunate to be living here and raising my children as proud Jews in our eternal homeland. Against that backdrop, the proliferation of litter seems exceedingly disrespectful."

May 18, 2017 22:22
3 minute read.
Israel Independence Day

The aftermath: Sacher Park after the Independence Day festivities on May 2. (photo credit: YAAKOV FAUCI)

As the loveliness of spring surrounds us and we enjoy a festive stretch of national holidays, there are certain things we can count on: no more rain, lots of blue and white, and families gathering outside to eat, drink and celebrate.

Unfortunately, this time of year also brings with it the upsurge of another constant: garbage. The more time people spend outdoors, the more refuse they leave behind. Dirty plates, empty cups and bottles, crumpled snack bags, assorted food remnants, even diapers. Our beautiful green spaces offer themselves up for our enjoyment and are left gracelessly afterward like an exhausted hostess with a sinkful of dishes.


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