In Jerusalem

In search of happiness

Lesson 2: Empowering yourself.

Graces,’ an artistic rendition of female empowerment
Photo by: MCT
As I fly around my kitchen in a frenzy, working on multiple parts of my Shabbat meal at the same time (with each hand skillfully doing something else), while thinking of the plans I have for later in the day with my child, debating when to best call back a client and when to work on a column that is due, I look around and wonder if only a hidden camera could capture me now, racing desperately against the clock.

The imaginary viewers of this scene would think me, and millions of other women like me, crazy – as we work away like little fairies each week to accomplish all that we do, at the speed with which we do it. I actually get some enjoyment out of the entire process, and can laugh at the chaos I leave behind in my wake. It is precisely at times like this that I am reminded that we women really do manage to do it all, even if often we feel like something is suffering in the process, whether that is home or work or family or “me” time.

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