Made in Jerusalem

May 11, 2017 19:57

‘Made in JLM’ hosts a monthly happy hour event for start-ups


Design gurus: (left to right) Sagi Shrieber, co-founder of Hacking UI; Scott Simcha Markovits, customer advocate at Invision; Tova Safra, senior product designer at Hometalk; Tal Sznicer, lead designer and product manager at Lightricks; and Ohad Aviv, co-founder and CEO at Muzli. (photo credit: RICKY RACHMAN)

Made in JLM wants to rebrand Jerusalem. How does one rebrand a city, you might ask. It starts with showing that it is not only a place having thousands of years of history, but is also a thriving center for innovation.

“I’ve fallen in love with the ecosystem of Jerusalem tech,” says Rachel Wagner Rosenzweig, head of business development for Made in JLM. “Startups and tech are so important for Israel. It’s a way to drive forward the economy and create more jobs. I really wanted to work for an organization that was helping to foster that.”


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