To thank a thief

June 3, 2016 21:47

Sitting down with famed photographer David Rubinger, who captured that immortal 1967 moment when the three paraptroopers gazed at the Western Wall in awe.

David Rubinger

David Rubinger at home, flanked by some of his most iconic photos – including, of course, the June 7, 1967, shot of the three paratroopers at the newly liberated Western Wall. (photo credit:MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)

It is not often that one thanks a thief, but David Rubinger, who is arguably Israel’s most famous photographer and an Israel Prize laureate, offers his deep thanks to all the thieves who pirated his iconic photograph of the three paratroopers at the Western Wall, after it was recaptured by IDF forces in the Six Day War.

“That photo made Rubinger. Without it, I would not have won the Israel Prize,” he tells In Jerusalem.


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