Jerusalem Report

Free Pollard now

There has been a convergence of events preparing hearts and minds, and reinforcing the case for Jonathan Pollard’s release.

Jonathan and Esther Pollard
Photo by: Courtesy of Justice4JP
GETTING 106 of the 120 Knesset Members, including 18 cabinet ministers, to sign a joint letter was unprecedented. That it was addressed to US President Barack Obama and called for convicted spy Jonathan Pollard’s release was doubly remarkable. Indeed, it is astonishing that this controversial figure, implicated in a shady affair criticized across the board, has become part of the national consensus.

Even Arab Knesset Members expressed their support. One signed the letter and others announced, without appending their signatures, that they would back the plea for Pollard’s release. True, they added a caveat: that the Pollard case should not be linked in any way to the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. But that is my view, too.

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