Jerusalem Report

Haredi fallout

The ultra-Orthodox parties bide their time as they assess the implications of being shunted out of the government coalition

Meir Porush
Meir Porush doesn’t so much walk into his Knesset office, rather he blows in like a strong wind. With just a half hour between a morning session on the Knesset floor and a United Torah Judaism (UTJ) faction meeting at 2 pm, the veteran Knesset Member appears annoyed that he’s got to use the break for a media interview.

Perhaps as a result, the look on Porush’s face isn’t so much anger, but rather utter, complete disdain. If body language is any indication, speaking to the media is a necessary, if distasteful, requirement of the job, and our conversation appears to be just one more rerun of the same interview he’s given a thousand times over his 17 years in the Knesset.

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