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Getting future ready
November 18, 2013 11:34
Israel may be a land of hi-tech milk and honey but when it comes to public services it has yet to enter the 21st century.
Carmela Avner: Left a significant legacy

Carmela Avner: Left a significant legacy. (photo credit:courtesy)

I had two encounters with the government recently.

First, I renewed my passport. I went online, downloaded the form, filled it out, zapped it to the Interior Ministry and received my new passport in the mail in no time. Grade A+ to a ministry not always highly regarded. Second, I received a snail-mail love letter from the Income Tax authorities telling me to show up pronto, in person, on a set day and time. It turned out to be a misunderstanding, cleared up by my accountant. Grade B+ to an unloved, but crucial, department, mainly because as an economist, I know the sad fate of governments (like Greece) that can’t collect lawful taxes.


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