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Refugee gap

Despite the rhetoric of their leaders, most Palestinians in Jordan wouldn’t exercise any ‘Right of Return’ and simply want a better future in a country they have called home for decades.

Sheikh Adnan, resident of Gaza refugee camp
EVEN UPON first meeting with him, one cannot help but be taken with the quiet authority of Sheikh Adnan. A soft-spoken man with a trimmed beard and an ankle-length brown frock, Adnan navigates the grinding, ferocious poverty of the Gaza refugee camp, an hour east of Amman, with quiet but clear authority.

As he drives into the camp with a white, distinctly non-Arab looking visitor, a gaggle of boys crowds around his car to beg for money and to catch a glimpse of the rare visitor, but they have learned to heed the sheikh’s gentle reprimand. Their parents have learned to seek his counsel and advice on both practical and religious matters.

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