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Photo by: Asaf Sudri
Yankaleh Rotblitt’s backyard Tzavta date
Rotblitt is one the country’s most successful lyricists, penned top Israeli hits.
Yankaleh Rotblitt will appear at the Tzavta Club in Tel Aviv on Wednesday (9 p.m.) in a show based on material from the new Hehatzer Ha’achorit (The Backyard) CD together with pianist Gadi Ronen, guitarist, bass player and percussionist Itamar Zigler, and drummer-percussionist Tomer Yossef. Ronen, Zigler and Yossef wrote the music to Rottblit’s lyrics and performed it on the album.

Rotblitt is one the country’s most successful lyricists, and wrote the words for some of the most enduring numbers in the history of Israeli pop music, including songs made famous by Arik Einstein in the 1970s, such as “Imma Adama,” “Kama Tov Shabata Habayta” and “Ani Roeh Otach Baderech Lagymnasia.”

Additional shows are planned for other venues around the country, including at the Yellow Submarine in Jerusalem in January.

For tickets and more information about the Tzavta concert: (03) 695- 0156 ext. 2 and
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