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Report: State will seek 5 year prison sentence for Olmert
Sentencing hearing for former PM convicted of taking bribes in Holyland affair set to begin April 28; Ch. 2 reports state to seek prison time.
The State Attorney's Office will seek five years in prison as a punishment for former prime minister Ehud Olmert when his sentencing hearing begins next week, Channel 2 reported on Thursday.

Olmert was convicted of taking bribes in the Holyland real estate trial last month.

His sentencing hearing was set to begin Monday April 28. The likely maximum sentence for bribery as it pertains to Olmert in the Holyland case is seven years. The maximum sentence for bribery has been changed to ten years in recent years; however, it was seven years at the time the crime was committed.

Legal precedent suggests that the state will take this into account.

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