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Battling boycotts through the decades

A Leiden University professor comes to Jerusalem to deliver a lecture in honor of a colleague who stood up to the Nazis 70 years ago.

Leiden University Prof. Willem Otterspeer.
Photo by: (Courtesy of Rachel Meijler/Irgoen Olei Holland)
At the end of November in 1940, 20-year-old Martijn Jakobs sat in a classroom at Holland’s Leiden University watching law faculty professor Rudolph Cleveringa deliver a speech against the Nazi decision to dismiss his esteemed Jewish colleague, Prof. Eduard Meijers. Seventy years later – on November 25 – Jakobs sat in a very different lecture hall, at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, to witness Israel’s first participation in Cleveringa’s yearly commemorations held all over the world.

“I was very excited when I heard about it,” Jakobs told In Jerusalem. “When I found out about it I knew I had to be present.”

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