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Grapevine: Honoring women of valor

Aish HaTorah pays tribute to women; JANGLO AND Ezra Amichai conduct a two-hour Hanukka night walk; Midnight Biking holds a benefit.

Aish HaTorah building
■ RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS, when honoring deserving individuals, tend to focus on men more than women – or in an attempt to be fair, recognize married couples. Even then, however, the man usually gets more attention than his wife. But Aish HaTorah will be paying tribute to women only at its Boneh Yerushalayim Gala Awards Dinner on December 22. Those receiving honors include Eva Lev, founder of SOS Shabbat; Sarah Lipman, founder of Kishor Professional Women’s Network; Lori-Laya Lurie, co-founder of Magen Avraham and Bechirat HaLev; and Sherri Mandell, director of the Koby Mandell Foundation, a women’s healing retreat for bereaved mothers and widows. Part of the proceeds from the evening will be earmarked for educational initiatives and scholarships for Jewish women.

■ VISITORS TO the Israel Museum can have a choice of dairy or meat restaurants. Mansfeld, the dairy restaurant at the entrance to the museum, is quite popular among members of both the judiciary and the Knesset, who seem to like the museum’s atmosphere, despite the fact that they have their own dining facilities in their respective institutions. This restaurant is managed by Nava Bibi, who for many years ran the restaurant at Beit Anna Ticho.

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