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Summer Pint

Enjoy quality beer and live music at the annual Jerusalem Beer Festival.

Summer Pint
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Beaches and sun excluded, nothing says summer more than a good festival. And no festival is complete without a refreshing glass of beer in your hand as you enjoy the event. Now, if luck and local organizers so desire and the festival is a beer festival, well, that's just the best of all worlds. This week, Wednesday to Friday, you can enjoy such a treat in the heart of Jerusalem, at the Independence Park (Gan Haatzmaut). Already in its fifth year, The Jerusalem Beer Festival is one of the largest and most impressive beer festivals in the country. During the two days of the festival, Independence Park will turn into a huge bar with impressive settings and luxurious attractions. More than 100 trademarks of all types of beer from Israel and abroad take the stage at this huge event. It hosts premium producers, boutique producers and homemade beers in uncommon tastes of honey, coffee, banana, cherry, different herbs and more. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste worlwide traditional beers as well as watch a brewing process in real time. Besides the large variety of fabulous beers, visitors will be able to enjoy food stands, an accessories market, exclusive beer stores and various attractions that create the perfect beer fest experience. Both nights on the main stage, audiences will enjoy a live show by Israel's leading bands (such as Hadag Nahash, Mookie and more) along with an exciting party hosted by one of Israel's top D.J's. The festival takes place at the Independence Park, downtown - via Hillel st. or Agron St. August 26-27 6 p.m to midnight. Tickets are NIS 20 for soldiers, students and Jerusalem card holders, NIS 25 for everyone else. For more information visit www.JerusalemBeer.com

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