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Nightmares and dreamscapes of a survivor
July 17, 2014 14:21
In his first novel to be translated into English, Amnon Rubinstein leads the reader on an exploration of those hazy places between dream and reality, death and life, sanity and madness.

A policeman investigates the site of an explosion in a Tel Aviv cafe in 2002. The book takes place against the backdrop of the second intifada.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Holocaust survivors and nightmares: Unfortunately, the two are, all too often, constant companions.

The Black Sun, the dark novel by Israel Prize-winning law professor and former education minister Amnon Rubinstein – the first of his six works of fiction to be translated into English – takes the reader into the nightmares of Shaul, who came with his parents to Tel Aviv from Poland in 1956 at the age of 16.


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