Can wearing a kippa cause balding?

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May 18, 2017 20:43
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A man wearing a kippa listens to speakers during an anti-Semitism demo at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate September 14, 2014. (photo credit: REUTERS)

I am 27 years old. My brother, who is 31, has been showing signs of thinning of his hair at the front of the top of his head. He wears a large cloth kippa most of the day. Our father, who wears a smaller crocheted kippa that lets in the air, has a full head of hair. I wear a smaller kippa that is crocheted as well. Does wearing a large, solid kippa all the time except when sleeping cause balding? I don’t want it to happen to me.

I also want to know whether wearing hair in a tight ponytail most of the day is harmful. My brother’s three daughters are required to do this because of their ultra- Orthodox Bais Yaakov school, where it is the rule not to leave hair loose, without a ponytail. They got used to it and do it at home and when going other places away from school.


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