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Europeans condemn Israel offensive in Gaza
August 21, 2014 12:42
Op-eds and reports show overwhelming support for Palestinians in the Strip.
Demonstration against Israel

A Swedish protester holds up a placard during a demonstration against Israel’s military action in the Gaza strip, in Stockholm on July 31.. (photo credit:REUTERS)

Since the beginning of the conflict in Gaza, there has been an almost endless supply of anti- Israeli sentiment in European news outlets.

Last week was no exception. For example, Annie Stass, a journalist for Mediapart, a successful French online journal committed to investigative journalism, wrote a piece last week titled “The myth of legitimate defense,” arguing that the idea of Israel acting in self-defense is a huge fabrication. Why? “Because Israel is the aggressor as it occupies Palestinian territory,” and “ breaking articles in the Geneva Convention and international law.” Furthermore, she made the argument that Israel has a disproportionate number of casualties compared to civilians in Gaza, a point that often sees the light in European newspapers.


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